Who are we?

International Construction and Recycling Company N.V. (I.C.R. Services) is established on July 6th 2012 in Aruba with the motto "Think Green". We are specialized in the field of electro installations, solar energy systems, recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, construction of mobile apartments and prefab homes and sale and rental of materials and equipments.

"We guarantee quality, delivery time, optimal communication with the customer and customer-friendliness."


Our team specialized in designing of installation drawings, electrical installations, inspections, troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical installations.

Installation drawing

All installation drawings within our team are signed according to the NEN1010.

ICR Services


All installations are carried out according to the standards of NEN1010, guaranteeing quality and guarantee.

ICR Services


We are a recognized inspection company and ensure the minimum time span required for the different types of inspections.

ICR Services


Our team is available 24/7 for solving electrical problems in the network.

ICR Services


We maintain all types of electrical installations and guarantee time span and quality.

ICR Services


We specialized in on- and off-grid installations of solar panels (PV) and solar heaters. We design, make cost calculation and installation.


Buying and exporting ferrous HMS1, HMS2 and LMS and non-ferrous (copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) materials in accordance with international guidelines. We also carry out demolition work on buildings and tanks in which exclusively ferrous and non-ferrous materials occur.


We generally purchase national and international ferrous including HMS1, HMS2 and LMS with a minimum weight of 25MT (25000kg) of the local market and at least 1000MT of the international market. After purchasing, these materials are cut to size (max. 1.5m) and exported in containers or on the cargo ship to our customers abroad for further recycling processes.


We exclusively purchase from the national and international companies non-ferrous including copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, aluminum etc. with a minimum weight of resp. 1MT from the local market and at least 20MT from the international market. After purchasing, these materials are sorted and exported in containers to our customers abroad.

ICR Services

Demolition of buildings

We specialize in demolition work of all types of buildings, tanks etc. in which ferrous and non-ferrous occur.

ICR Services


We focus specifically on building affordable mobile apartments made from 20 and 40ft containers, prefabricated houses and buildings.

Family home

1 to 2 bedrooms with bath and kitchen according to customer requirements.

ICR Services

Office building

With 1 or 2 office spaces, kitchen and restroom.

ICR Services

Sale and Rental

We sell containers and steel construction materials. We lease containers, construction equipments, generators etc.


We rent out containers of 40ft and sell containers of 20 and 40ft. All containers are in good condition.

Construction equipment

We rent:
  1. Skid steer 1MT
  2. Forklift 2.5MT
  3. Dump Truck HD65
  4. Graafmachine 16.5MT
  5. Diesel generator 35KVA
  6. Concrete mixer 1/6m3
  7. Industrial ARC welder machine Lincoln SAE-400

Steel construction

We sell:
  1. Steel pipes in diameters of 3/4 "t/m 24" and in lengths of 6m and 12m with schedule 40, 60 and 80.
  2. Steel H and I-beams in 6 ", 8", 10 "and 12" in lengths of 6 and 12m in various thickness.


Our office
  •   Seroe Biento 52-P, Aruba
  •   Office: (+297) 585-0838
  •   (+297) 736-7836
  •   info@icrgreen.com
  •   www.icrgreen.com
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